Everything you need to know about virtual viewings

Everything you need to know about virtual viewings

Guidance on what you can expect from a virtual viewing and the different types available to you.

Keep your search for a new home moving with virtual viewings...

Helping customers view a property safely is a prime concern of estate and letting agents. Virtual viewings – where a property is showcased over the internet – are a great way to help buyers and tenants shortlist a property and make an initial decision on its suitability before they make a physical viewing. 

At a time when we are all being encouraged to stay home as often as we can, and when our most vulnerable may not be able to leave the house to see a property in person, virtual viewings are a great way forward.

How do Virtual Viewings actually work?

Virtual viewings are a means of viewing properties without leaving the comfort of home. They are convenient for a potential buyer or tenant and mean the seller can open up their property to a much wider audience. 

Video Trailers

Video trailers give would-be buyers and renters a better sense of the property. They provide a simple walkthrough of each room through a series of clips that have been expertly put together. It’s a great way to get a better sense of space, layout and the general feel of a home. Please note that Video Trailers do not include an agent on hand to answer questions and queries.

360° Online Tour

This gives potential buyers and renters a 3D walkthrough of each room, enabling them to fully explore a property; entering and exiting rooms, and digitally walking through outdoor spaces and gardens. The 360° online tour creates a visual image of a property using accurate measurements of rooms. It even allows zooming in and out of properties to give viewers more control and a realistic experience.

Get in touch with us to see how we can showcase your property as a seller or landlord, or how virtual viewings can help you, as a buyer or tenant, to see more of the properties you’re interested in.