Top tips on how to revamp your bathroom

  • Use a neutral colour
  • Add mirrors for more light
  • Create texture with greenery


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A revamped bathroom: The Interior Design Guide

Caro Davies, mum of twin boys and founder of the lifestyle blog, The Twinkle Diaries, energetically takes up our challenge to revamp her bathroom. Discover her top tips for creating a dreamy, light and calming bathroom space.

While revamping a bathroom may sound daunting and expensive, with a few simple improvements, it can be stress-free and simple to give a bathroom a mini makeover!

It certainly doesn't have to be expensive and, if you follow these simple tips, you won't have to retile or change the hardware every time you want to update the feel of the room.

Before you know it, you'll be able to easily give the smallest room in the house an inviting new look, as often as the seasons change if you feel like it.

Caro takes on our challenge of revamping her bathroom space to achieve a calm and luxurious style.

Here are my top tips for breathing new life into your master bathroom:

Get inspired

There are so many places to find amazing home inspiration these days. Start by checking out:

The high street:  You'll often see interiors trends being showcased in the stores of your local high street, such as Moroccan, nautical or rustic trends. This is no coincidence; retail buyers will be looking at the trend forecasts months before the products hits the shops and it’s a great place for you to get some inspiration.

Your favourite hotel/café: Whilst the high street stores offer a wealth of ideas, also look to hotel and café decor for inspiration too. Very often they'll have been created by an interior designer and will be chock-full of clever ideas that you can emulate at home.

Magazines: Still one of the best places to look for home inspiration. There's an abundance of magazines available on the newsstands, to suit all tastes. Whether your decorating style is a country cottage or loft-style living, you'll be able to find inspiration in the editorial photoshoots.

Caro finds home interiors inspiration in the pages of her favourite magazines which she stylishly displays in her bathroom

Pinterest:  This is possibly one of my favourite resources. When I'm looking for something in particular, like ‘succulent terrariums’ for example, I’ll head to Pinterest and I’m always amazed by the number of gorgeous pictures that come up. Be warned though, it's a massive time thief! You'll go on there to search for one thing and end up being totally side-tracked by something else.

Pantone:  The Pantone Colour Institute releases their trend predictions each year, in the form of a colour palette. You'll often see these colours filtering down to the high street and Pantone also name one of these shades as their ‘Colour of the Year'. In 2016, it was ‘Rose Quartz’ — a soft, blush pink — and the shops were absolutely bursting with lovely accessories in that shade. For 2017, it's 'Greenery' — a fresh vivid green — and I've seen so many references to it both in magazines and on the high street.

It has been translated into the ‘Botanical’ trend and there are lots of gorgeous examples in the shops at the moment. If a bright grassy green isn't your thing though, you can still bring the colour into your space in the form of actual greenery — add a couple of potted plants into your bathroom to be bang on trend.

Begin with a neutral backdrop

This is the easiest way by far to easily change the look and feel of a room. I love colour but I also like to change and update my home on a regular basis.

If my fixed elements — like walls and tiles — were bold, patterned or bright, it would be so costly to keep altering them every time I feel like a change. By painting a room white — or choosing classic, plain white tiles — you can regularly refurbish the space and introduce new key colours or patterns, simply by changing the accessories.

This is also a great tip if you plan to move to a new house. Prospective buyers can sometimes be put off by overly personal colour-schemes. By sticking to a neutral back-drop, they'll be able to imagine their own belongings in there.

Caro opts for a neutral colour palette in her master bathroom


To give your bathroom a lovely welcoming feel take onboard some of the simple design tricks used by luxurious hotels and spas.

Reducing clutter can give you the same kind of 'zen-like' experience at home. Decant soaps or hand creams from plastic bottles and use pretty glass or ceramic dispensers. This is such a simple trick but gives a bathroom a luxurious feel.

Adding a touch of hotel-style luxe with fresh greenery and soap dispensers.

Piles of magazines can be rehomed in pretty baskets or — if you're lacking in floor-space — wall-mounted magazine racks. This has the double advantage of adding colour and texture to the room. Also, banish bags of loo rolls or bottles of bleach and toilet cleaner from sight.

If you have a large enough room, add a lovely floor-standing cupboard or, if not, a wall hung cabinet is perfect for toilet paper rolls and other bathroom essentials.

Finally, cover up ugly radiators with radiator covers. You can buy ready-made ones from most large DIY stores. They're so easy to fit and give extra shelf space as well as streamlining a room and making it appear less cluttered.

Add texture

Bathrooms can often feel cold and clinical; shiny metal taps and cold hard ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware can feel very stark and uninviting.

By adding texture in the form of plants, towels, rugs and other accessories, you can easily add interest to a room; and make it feel homely and inviting.

And finally, if you want to add one thing to your bathroom to really make a difference to how it feels…

Add light and space with mirrors

Bathrooms can often be small and pokey but to give the illusion of more space, simply add a mirror or two. They will really bounce the light around and trick the eye into believing that the room is much brighter and more spacious.

Caro used beautiful mirrors to reflect light around her bathroom

If you position one opposite a window, it will reflect the natural light around the room. And will also give a glimpse into the outside world.

And if you don't have a window, don't despair; choose a mirror with built in lighting. Again, it will bounce the light around and make the room feel larger.

So that's it – my favourite tips to update the look and feel of your bathroom. These pointers can work well for any room in the house but are particularly useful in bathrooms where space is often at a premium. By decluttering and maximising light and space, you can turn your bathroom into a little sanctuary. The perfect place to unwind and soak off the stresses of life at the end of the day.

Follow Caro’s adventures and discover more helpful tips on interior design, fashion, travel and raising twin boys on her lifestyle blog The Twinkle Diaries

Jeremy Briggs Bairstow eves property expertExpert advice from our marketing director Jeremy Briggs, shares his thoughts and advice for styling your home in preparation for selling your home.

“When it comes to selling your home, putting a bit of elbow grease into your bathroom revamp can make a huge difference to prospective buyers.

The key is to make the space as practical, multi-functional and hybrid as possible – just as Sian has achieved! It’s great to have a functional work space for the business side of your lifestyle – think about your Wi-Fi router positioning and phone cables in this rooms especially – but can the room serve another purpose too? Perhaps it can also be a study for your children doing homework afterschool, or it could have a cosy futon that doubles-up as a guest room and relaxing space for all the family.

If needed, set aside some time and budget to regrout your tiles and refresh the silicone seal on the fixtures. You’ll be surprised by just how affective this can be! Replacing the shower curtain, updating taps and adding some practical storage solutions will also help attract prospective buyers.

Don’t be tempted to completely replace the bathroom suite – or even swap a bath out for a shower – as this will cost you a lot of time and money. Follow Caro’s advice and add some small but luxurious items to the room like candles, mirrors, fluffy towels and bath mats to introduce that luxurious hotel spa feel.”

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