Three top tips to improving your kitchen

  • Choose an accent colour
  • Mix vintage and modern
  • Make it personal


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Budget-friendly kitchen revamp


Stylish Kitchens 

Thinking about updating your kitchen but don’t have a huge budget? Don’t worry – we’ve asked stylist and blogger Ali Clifford to share her easy-to-achieve kitchen styling tips for quick results.

The hub of the house, the centre of the home – the kitchen is where it 'happens' in most UK homes. Whether cooking for family or friends, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you want it to look good as well as be functional. I’ve pulled together some of my best tips for making the most of your kitchen space.

Ali Clifford presents her style advice for the kitchen

Choose your accent colour:

Unless you have a really big space, don’t over work the colour palette – go for neutrals, and pick a feature colour. Whether you have wooden or white cabinets, if you’re a minimalist or like boho-chic style – keep things simple and think about adding colour with a feature wall, electrical appliances or accessories.

I’ve chosen red as it’s often associated with food and appears naturally throughout my kitchen in tomatoes, strawberries, chilis and other vibrant fruit and vegetables. It’s also quite easy to pick up accessories such as tea towels, and oilcloths for the table, with fruit and veg patterns and designs.

You can pick out features and appliances in the same colour too – like this daring, but classic red Smeg fridge freezer . Why not make a statement with a shiny red splashback? Or try adding a subtle flash of colour with pendant lighting or a feature red kettle and toaster set to add an understated splash of bold colour.

small items in the kitchen can have a big impact | styled to sell

Looking to add a touch of personality to the place?

Here are some simple ideas to spruce up the kitchen to reflect your personality without spending a fortune! You don’t have to visit high street stores to find your perfect kitchen accessories – thrift stores, flea markets, and second-hand shops are great places to pick up some lovely vintage and original pieces for your kitchen.

Look out for:

Odd retro cups, plates and saucers: If you have supermarket herbs (who doesn’t have a plastic pot of basil sitting on the window sill?) re-pot your plant into a more charming terracotta pot, or cup, and stand it on a vintage saucer.

look out for retro cup to add that something different to your kitchen

Glass cake standsI just love these cake stands, for, well, a cake of course! But they are also great for keeping keys, and bits and bobs on the kitchen counter tidied away or piled high with fresh fruit.

Wooden spoons, spatulas and bread boards: Wooden accessories add extra texture and warmth to your kitchen’s look and feel. As an alternative to plastic kitchen utensils, it’s also an easy step to take towards an eco-friendly and plastic-free life!  

Classic textured biscuit-coloured mixing bowl: A traditional glazed earthenware mixing bowl is a must for every baker. You can pick these up in charity shops and department stores sell reproduction versions of these now too. We’re certain cakes taste nicer when they are mixed in one of these bowls too!

Apron: If you’re a baker, or just like to look the part in the kitchen, you’ll need an apron. Even if you don’t wear it, it’ll look good hanging up in the kitchen!

Vintage cookery books: With the arrival of cookery apps, blogs and an online version of all our favourite chef’s recipes, your cookery book collection is probably gathering dust. Pile them high and add a few draping plants and succulents for a stylish way to store your favourite recipe books.

Vintage enamel ware: The classic enamel bread bin – what’s not to love about it? You can often find these in antique shops, so they are robust and can stand the wear and tear of a bustling kitchen! That makes them both practical and good looking at the same time, right?

Vintage bread bins can add style to your kitchen

Not so vintage enamel ware: Now this is so on trend, in fact, we’re not sure it will ever be out of trend, and if it does, it can always be relegated to the camping kit! It doesn’t always have to be vintage – you can pick up enamel mugs, and baking dishes relatively cheaply that look great. If you’re looking for cute and indestructible plates and cups for small children, think ‘eco’ and go the enamel ware route!

Glass Mason jars: Now this is the simplest of ideas if you have open shelves and if those cereal boxes are just an eyesore for you.  Decanting the contents – cereal, flour, sugar or nuts for example - into different sized jars is a simple yet effective way to declutter your kitchen space.

stylish kitchen counters 

Ali is a London-based stylist and writes over on and can be found playing with her food on too.

Jeremy Briggs Bairstow eves property expertExpert advice from our marketing director Jeremy Briggs, shares his thoughts and advice for styling your home in preparation for selling your home.

“When it comes to selling your home, Ali is absolutely right – making small changes to your kitchen décor and general set-up can make a huge difference when prospective buyers come to view your home.

While a kitchen revamp should take priority over the other rooms of the house if you’re looking to sell, it’s important to set your budget and stick to it.

Consider other small changes like updating cabinet and drawer handles, changing the kitchen doors, updating the tiles and retouching the grouting, the lighting or replacing the sink splashback.

Another little trick ahead of a viewing is to make a fresh cafetiere of coffee and arrange some freshly cut flowers on the counter. These small, homely touches will help any prospective buyer feel right at home in your space.”

Looking for more style tips? then head back to our Style to Sell page for more exciting tips and advice on how to style your home 

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